Belen Aquino: Looking Back at the Best of 2016

2016 was a great year for Gerber+Scarpelli, so we're kicking off a new week by looking back at another collection of gorgeous Best Of 2016 images -- this time with our mega-talented photographer and studio manager Belen Aquino!

Belen's favorite moment at a wedding:

"When the groom and groomsmen serenaded the bride with a fully choreographed version of My Girl."

Belen's new favorite lunch spot:

"I’ve been digging Parlor, they have a crave-worthy kale cobb!"

 Belen's "pro" tip for couples:

"Embrace whatever nature throws at you. Be it a snow storm, or a 60-degree day in January."

What inspired Belen this year?

"I’ve been inspired by all the incredibly hardworking creative folks I know. Watching and working with them always makes me strive to be and do better. And my clients, who gave such amazing access to be creative and filled my Saturdays with so much laughter and joy."

For more of Belen's incredible photography and behind the scenes photos, check her out on Instagram @belenaquinophoto!