Mike Scarpelli: Looking Back At The Best Of 2016

Sure, we're about half-way through 2017, but it's never too late to reflect on past achievements!  This time we're looking back at Mike Scarpelli's gorgeous work from 2016!

Mike's favorite moment at a wedding:

"I love getting to spend some time with the Bride+Groom at the end of the day.  The creative portraits we take in the city are always some of my favorites."

Mike's New Favorite Lunch Spot:

"I love the Avocado Toast at Allis in Soho House!  So good."

Mike's "pro tip" for couples:

"Try to sit still and really enjoy the toasts.  Your pictures will be more compelling if you aren't eating, drinking, or fidgeting."

What inspired Mike this year?

"It's been great moving our business to Soho House, expanding our photographic scope, and building our new website.  Onward and upward!"

Kurt Gerber: Looking Back At The Best of 2016

We're gearing up for a busy wedding season and taking a few last looks back on the moments that made 2016 so great!

Here are Kurt Gerber's best of's...

Kurt's favorite moment at a wedding:

"My favorite moments have come at different times during the wedding day. Frequently at a first look, a couple's first full embrace on their wedding day.  Sometimes at the ceremony when the celebrant facilitates a special moment and the couple realizes this is when they are combining their lives and committing themselves to each other in front of family and friends. Every once and awhile, someone at the wedding gives a really sweet toast to the couple and the room gets to witness that connection."

Kurt's new favorite lunch spot:

"I love a slice of good pizza. My eating program frequently consists of salad at lunch but I love the poke bowl at Aloha in the French Market."

Kurt's “pro” tip for couples:

"Plan your day so you have some time to have fun with each other and your best friends. Before the ceremony, at a first look, or in between the ceremony and the celebration spend a couple hours going to some special places as a couple and with friends. Buy the services of a great photographer and video team so your day is recorded beautifully and forever. On your first anniversary, you will be glad you did. As you re-live your wedding day moments you will have some artful documents to remember the day."

What inspired Kurt this year?

"I am constantly inspired by nature. I really try to spend a couple quiet moments each day being grateful for the earth.  I am also inspired by persistence! I find tenacity, willingness and perseverance to be the qualities that serve me the best.  I spent some time up at the Standing Rock camp in North Dakota where the Native American tribes were joined by people from all over the world to protest an oil pipeline that was crossing their land and a major water source for millions in the area. On my last night there, thousands stood in a silent prayer to the earth to bless her and protect her from harm. It had a profound effect on me."

For more of Kurt's beautiful work, check him out on Instagram @operationrte66

Belen Aquino: Looking Back at the Best of 2016

2016 was a great year for Gerber+Scarpelli, so we're kicking off a new week by looking back at another collection of gorgeous Best Of 2016 images -- this time with our mega-talented photographer and studio manager Belen Aquino!

Belen's favorite moment at a wedding:

"When the groom and groomsmen serenaded the bride with a fully choreographed version of My Girl."

Belen's new favorite lunch spot:

"I’ve been digging Parlor, they have a crave-worthy kale cobb!"

 Belen's "pro" tip for couples:

"Embrace whatever nature throws at you. Be it a snow storm, or a 60-degree day in January."

What inspired Belen this year?

"I’ve been inspired by all the incredibly hardworking creative folks I know. Watching and working with them always makes me strive to be and do better. And my clients, who gave such amazing access to be creative and filled my Saturdays with so much laughter and joy."

For more of Belen's incredible photography and behind the scenes photos, check her out on Instagram @belenaquinophoto!

Christine Ciszczon: Looking Back at the Best of 2016

Last week we renewed our yearly tradition of looking back at our favorite moments from the previous wedding season with our look at Nick Gerber's 2016 Best Ofs.  Now after an exciting year filled photographing incredible weddings, our own Christine Ciszczon shares some of her favorite shots and memories from 2016...

 Christine's favorite moment at a wedding:

"When a groom surprised his bride by taking the stage with the band to serenade her with his guitar and her favorite song."

 Christine's new favorite lunch spot:

"It's not new, but Lula Cafe in Logan Square!"

 Christine's "pro" wedding tip:

"Don't be afraid of unique lighting situations. Get creative! :) "

What inspired Christine this year?

"Kerry James Marshall's solo show and The women's march on Washington."

For more of Christine's adventures around Chicago, follow her on Instagram @ChristineCiszczon!

Nick Gerber: Looking Back at the Best of 2016

As we gear up for another busy year at Gerber+Scarpelli, there's no better way to get in the mood to celebrate than to look back on our favorite moments from 2016.  We photographed so many beautiful weddings and magical love-filled days thanks to our incredible clients!

Here are just a few of our own Nick Gerber's favorite shots and memories from 2016...

Nick's favorite moment at a wedding:

"I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE the moment a bride and groom see each other for the first time. My job is driven a lot by the emotion I see through a day and very rarely does the first look disappoint on emotion. No matter what, it feels good to see your boo."

Nick's new favorite lunch spot:

"It’s definitely not new. In fact, it might be the oldest 'restaurant' on Randolph. I love JP Graziano’s Sandwiches. They’re just… delicious. I’ve probably eaten my weight in JP Graziano’s sandwiches."

 Nick's "pro" tip for couples:

"Things may go wrong on your wedding day. Keep focused on the fact that you’re getting married to your best friend and you’re going to have a kick-ass party. If you can do that, no matter what happens on your wedding day you’ll be happy. If you’re happy, you’ll look happy which makes my job a snap ;-) "

What inspired Nick this year?

"Well… It’s hard not to see things as political in times like these, but what has inspired me and what continues to do so is being surrounded by love. Every time I go to a wedding it’s a reminder that the world isn’t cynical, cold, and gray. It’s very sustaining."

For more of Nick's day to day escapades, follow him on Instagram @realnickgerber!