Christine Ciszczon: Looking Back at the Best of 2016

Last week we renewed our yearly tradition of looking back at our favorite moments from the previous wedding season with our look at Nick Gerber's 2016 Best Ofs.  Now after an exciting year filled photographing incredible weddings, our own Christine Ciszczon shares some of her favorite shots and memories from 2016...

 Christine's favorite moment at a wedding:

"When a groom surprised his bride by taking the stage with the band to serenade her with his guitar and her favorite song."

 Christine's new favorite lunch spot:

"It's not new, but Lula Cafe in Logan Square!"

 Christine's "pro" wedding tip:

"Don't be afraid of unique lighting situations. Get creative! :) "

What inspired Christine this year?

"Kerry James Marshall's solo show and The women's march on Washington."

For more of Christine's adventures around Chicago, follow her on Instagram @ChristineCiszczon!