Mike Scarpelli: Looking Back At The Best Of 2016

Sure, we're about half-way through 2017, but it's never too late to reflect on past achievements!  This time we're looking back at Mike Scarpelli's gorgeous work from 2016!

Mike's favorite moment at a wedding:

"I love getting to spend some time with the Bride+Groom at the end of the day.  The creative portraits we take in the city are always some of my favorites."

Mike's New Favorite Lunch Spot:

"I love the Avocado Toast at Allis in Soho House!  So good."

Mike's "pro tip" for couples:

"Try to sit still and really enjoy the toasts.  Your pictures will be more compelling if you aren't eating, drinking, or fidgeting."

What inspired Mike this year?

"It's been great moving our business to Soho House, expanding our photographic scope, and building our new website.  Onward and upward!"